We find out about you and your organisation and if and how we might be able to help you.

Creative Development

We go away and write a proposal. We always try to add a touch of magic to what you do, one which will be enticing to your audience while staying true to your aims & values.

 These concepts aren’t written in stone and we’re always more than happy to develop them should you wish. 


We source locations, actors, presenters, models, props, scenery and any additional crew and kit we need.

We do this in constant communication with you and you can always accompany us to any location recces or casting sessions.


There’s nothing quite like being on a film set and watching our hard work come to fruition!

We only ever shoot on cinema-level kit with an array of lights, lenses, filters sound and grip gear. Our roster of crew are all trained to the highest professional standard

Post Production

This is the stage where it all comes together. We edit all the footage down and spice it up with titles, music, voiceover, visual effects, transitions, sound effects, sound mixing & colour grading.

 We will send you a link to view in full HD online. At this stage we can also work with you to create any cut-downs or trailers/teasers to complement the main film.


We deliver the film file or files to you in whatever format you need them in and will be on hand to work with you on distribution to whichever platforms they’re destined for.